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Welcome to Turkey Run Hostas, Pine Island, MN:

Tour Garden opens the weekend of June 4-5:

    The Tour Garden will be closed until the weekend of June 4,5 Due to our lack of parking, we need to limit customer access during May weekends to just our sales area.
e-mail orders: minimum of 3 hostas per order

    e-mail orders for pick-up will be accepted starting Wednesday, May 25th. We will e-mail back with the order is ready to be picked up. Only order hostas that appear on the availability list. A minimum order of 3 hostas is required. This availability list is somewhat fluid because of orders, open hours, appointments, etc.

Open Times:

  • May weekends: May 28-29.
    Open Hours 1:00-5:00pm on Saturdays and Sundays.

  • June weekends: June 4-5, June 11-12, June 25-26 (NOT OPEN June 18-19).
    Open Hours 1:00-5:00pm on Saturdays and Sundays.


  • Aug. weekends: Aug. 6-7, Aug. 13-14, Aug. 20-21, Aug. 27-28.
    Open Hours 1:00-5:00pm on Saturdays and Sundays.

  • After June 5th, open by appointment for tours on Wednesday through Frday, call or e-mail:
    -- phone: 507-356-4830
    -- emails: jeanmeyer@att.net, gerrymeyer@att.net

Hosta Varieties for Sale:
Click here to see the 2016 Inventory List of Hostas for Sale with over 500 hosta varieties, some varieties have limited numbers. To view hosta pictures, go to the Hosta Library, select the first letter of the hosta name, and then follow directions to find the specific hosta.

The hosta availability list will indicate if the hosta is on the sales shelves (potted) or if the hosta is still in the nursery garden and we would have to dig it (dig).
We do not dig during open hours. If you want hostas that need to be dug, please email an "order for pickup".

Click here to see pictures of some examples of different sizes of hostas:
Click here for directions to Turkey Run Hostas .

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Common Questions:
Here are answers to the most common questions that we get on hosta care, plant markers, fertilizer, and slugs.
Click here to view and print the Answers to our most Common Questions.
(print using "landscape" format).

Old Standard Hostas:
Read our brochure on old standard hostas, the ones that came with the house, or the ones you got from your grandma or neighbor. The information in this brochure will help you identify these "old" hostas.
Click here to view and print the tri-fold brochure on Old Standard Hostas
(print using "landscape" format).

Growing Hostas:
Read our brochure on growing hostas... water, fertilizer, mulch, dividing, and more.
Click here to view and print the tri-fold brochure on Growing Hostas
(print using "landscape" format).

The AHGA 2016 Hosta of the Year (HOTY) is h.'Curly Fries':
Curly Fries AHGA The American Hosta Growers Association (AHGA) Hosta Of The Year (HOTY) is selected by a vote of AHGA members. Award winners are hostas that are good garden plants in all a regions of the country, are widely available and in sufficient supply and retail for about $15.00 in the year of selection.

To find out more about the HOTYs from 1996-2015, go to the AHGA website.


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